A second outbreak of histomoniasis in Lincolnshire blog post

Lincolnshire outbreak reported to Livetec

In early August 2021, the Livetec team travelled to a farm in Lincolnshire to deplete their flocks of broiler chickens. Arriving on site on the 6th, the team conducted a full investigation of the farm, to build a course of action to eradicate the disease, that eventually would enable the farmer to restore full operations on their premises. 

The necessary measures involved the depopulation of the affected zones on the farm over a two day period, using Livetec’s on-farm operations. The Operations team used their substantial experience to deliver the highest level of welfare, care and distress management to the operation, followed by a deep clean and sanitisation of the site.

Effective biosecurity protocols on-farm is the best way to defend flocks from disease outbreak. This means that more often than not, depopulation, which should be a last resort, can be avoided with a well thought out disease biosecurity and contingency plan. Livetec’s technical team works with farmers to produce a bespoke plan to work alongside their farm’s processes and systems.

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