Containerised Gassing Units (CGUs)


Developed over the last decade in collaboration with educational, scientific and industry partners,
our CGU solutions are agile, efficient and designed with your commercial viability in mind.

Humane, scalable and compliant on-farm depopulation solutions are critical for modern farm business productivity.


From acting quickly in a notifiable disease outbreak to conducting depopulation during supply chain disruption, Livetec Systems Containerised Gassing Units (CGUs) are fully UK WATOK and EU Reg 1099/2099 compliant.

Our experienced team understands your need for a humane, efficient system that allows you to deal with the unexpected and return to normal operations as swiftly as possible and support you throughout.

The Livetec advantage

Our industry-leading, gas-based stunning systems provide a cost effective, scalable and rapid solution for high welfare on-farm culling.


Our CGU’s are designed to industry, education and agricultural partners standards. Some of our biggest partners include APHA, Defra, the NFU and BFREPA.

The CGU systems are a cost effective way to keep your farm operating at an optimal level in the event of a notifiable or non-notifiable disease outbreak.

CGU Benefits

  • Quick calibration and extremely accurate readings
  • Run an entire cycle at the touch of a button
  • Minimal handling of livestock, reducing animal stress
  • One of the most humane approaches to livestock depopulation
  • Annex 1 of the European Regulation (EU 1099/2009) compliant
  • Suitable for small and large scale operations
  • Compliant with higher welfare assurance schemes
  • Fully automated for cost-efficiency and high welfare

Our range of CGUs

Livetec CGUs are available in micro, mini, standard and manual sizes to give full scalability and suitability for both large scale organisations and smaller farm holdings.

Our CGU technology removes the burden of needing fully sealed buildings, making it easier to conduct depopulation when needed.

A fast, efficient and highly mobile solution to ensure timely depopulation, Livetec’s advanced technology can also be entirely tailored to each farm’s unique needs. Read more about the different types of CGU’s.


The Micro Containerised Gassing Unit has been developed to support the humane slaughter of smaller quantities of poultry (up to a capacity of 25kg). Our micro-system is ideally suited for use on breeder farms, in hatcheries, or research facilities and is able to be used with everything from a quail to turkeys.

The unit has been designed to be small and robust, which allows for its use both inside and outdoors. The Micro CGU has the same features as our standard CGU, but in a more compact and portable format. Being fully automated means, the system is very user friendly and can be operated at the touch of a button.


The Mini Containerised Gassing Unit is the next size up in the series, developed to support the humane slaughter of larger quantities of poultry (up to a capacity of 250kg). The unit has a floor area which will take a standard euro sized pallet. The systems can be operated either by stacking loose poultry crates onto a pallet and loading it into the chamber or by placing birds into transport drawers in a stainless-steel frame.n These frames can be either 3 or 4 drawer units. The mini CGU is often used for on farm culling of end of lay birds, particularly ducks which tend to be in smaller flocks, and is compliant with higher welfare assurance schemes.

When designing the mini-system it was important to combine a compact system, easily transported, with the ability to use within smaller commercial flocks. In its basic form, it can be run manually using our Smart Oxygen Meter, or can be supplied with a fully automated control system.


The Standard CGU has been developed to support the humane slaughter of commercial flocks of poultry on farm. The largest of our chambers, the units are often deployed in pairs and as such can work with a single professional catching team to process 9,000-10,000 kg of poultry per hour – for example 4-5,000 2kg broilers.
The chamber is designed to accommodate all standard transport modules for broilers, hens or turkey modules. We are happy to discuss bespoke chamber sizes to hold other module configurations.

As part of our contracted emergency call out service we can deploy two Standard CGUs, 6 modules and our JCB 531-70 telehandler, gas and a team of licensed operators within 24hrs.

Partner the CGU with Livetec’s Smart Oxygen Meter


Our bespoke monitoring system provides visual and audible cues along with to ensure oxygen concentrations are maintained at the correct levels.

Livetec’s Smart Oxygen Meter (SOM) was designed to work with our range of CGU’s to guarantee welfare legislation requirements are met when using gas exposure.

The SOM is easy and simple to operate, and comes with dynamic and adjustable user settings, including oxygen set point, hold times and an in-built calibration mode.


More about the SOM

Find out more about Livetec’s CGU’s

Designed using the latest scientific and technical knowhow, Livetec’s CGU’s are accessible, can be used indoors or outside and are suitable for use with a wide range of flocks of varying sizes.


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