Nitrogen Foam Delivery System


A high capacity on-farm depopulation solution for improved disease control.

The Livetec Nitrogen Foam Delivery System (NFDS) is the result of extensive research and development, designed as an alternative to whole-house gassing with carbon dioxide.

Reducing the need for manual handling, the NFDS is a non-invasive depopulation method that protects healthy livestock and human health and reduces stress.


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Why use the NFDS?

Despite hypoxia being deemed as an acceptable depopulation method for pigs and poultry worldwide using inert gases like nitrogen and argon, it can be difficult to execute due to the lack of ability to seal a house or shed and adequately eliminate the oxygen.


The NFDS bridges this gap

Using nitrogen, the NFDS delivers high expansion gas-filled foam eliminating the oxygen, and allowing animals to pass by anoxia, without the need to seal the house or shed. Due to the speed at which the animal breathes in the nitrogen, they very quickly lose consciousness allowing a stress, harm and pain free way of passing.

Key Benefits

  • Multi species: For use with all species of pigs and poultry (under evaluation for additional species).
  • Scalable: Can be quickly ramped up for increased throughput, allowing for a high volume of animals to be processed.
  • Increased throughput: Higher volume throughput per shift than any other technology being used worldwide.
  • Rapid deployment: The modular setup allows the unit to be quickly moved to anywhere in the country.
  • Easy to use: Can be safely run by minimal staff, freeing up resources.
  • Improves welfare: Designed to minimise distress and pain to animals, with minimal handling.
  • Reduces stress: Eliminates the caring-killing paradox by reducing stress on livestock producers and handlers.
  • Flexible: For use in various scenarios, from outbreak depopulation to seasonal handling for a range of species across the state and country.
  • Easy to clean and disinfect: Maintains the highest level of biosecurity and allows for rapid redeployment.

NFDS with Livetec. Want to know more?

Our Nitrogen Foam Delivery System is a high standard, efficient solution provided by Livetec, the UK’s leading depopulation and biosecurity experts dedicated to improving animal welfare and reducing the spread of disease.


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