Smart Oxygen Meter


A monitoring system for use with our entire range of manual CGUs to ensure
WATOK compliance.

Livetec’s Smart Oxygen Meters meet all on-farm depopulation welfare legislation.


Over a decade of on-farm experience has gone into the development of the Livetec Smart Oxygen Meter (SOM).

To be used with our Containerised Gas Units, the SOM ensures that all gas exposure regulations are being met during on-farm depopulation.

Our SOM’s allow you to quickly and safely carry out depopulation when needed while remaining mindful of welfare concerns and your wider business reputation.

They can be used to help with any type of poultry, including chicken broilers, chicken layers, duck broilers, duck layers, turkey broilers, turkey layers, goose broilers, guinea fowl broilers, quail broilers, gamefowl broilers, layer pheasants, layer geese and layer grouse.


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Key Benefits


Rigorous onsite testing by our operations team has refined the unit
to provide a number of benefits to livestock management:

  • The SOM is robust and tough, protected by a virtually indestructible storm proof case
  • Long battery life, compatible with all manual Livetec CGU units
  • Easy and simple to operate, with dynamic and adjustable user settings, including oxygen set point, hold times and an in-built calibration mode
  • Provides tangible metrics of CGU operation Cycle metrics are available to download and are stored in a convenient PDF format for reporting measures
  • Reports can be used to demonstrate compliance with welfare standards to auditors, regulators and internal company personnel

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Livetec’s Smart Oxygen Meter can be used alongside our Containerised Gas Units (CGU) to ensure that gas exposure regulations are being met on-farm.


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