Cleansing & Disinfectant Services

Livetec solutions safeguard your bottom line when the unexpected happens.
A bespoke depopulation solution, mobilised quickly to allow you to return to business as usual as soon as possible.

Could YOUR farm recover from a major reputation crisis?

We know that operations can – and do – go wrong. We understand.

And, whatever the problem, we offer a range of compliant mobile stunning solutions for flocks of all sizes and weights.

With years of on-farm expertise, we’re on hand to offer trusted, empathetic support to help you navigate the issues you’re facing, from notifiable and non-notifiable disease outbreaks to commercial impacts to your business.

We work with farms across the UK and Ireland to provide humane on-farm depopulation services when needed, we act swiftly and with complete confidence to protect your reputation and livelihood.

As the UK’s leaders in emergency depopulation services, our strength comes in our ability to scale and mobilise a
complete operations team across the whole of the UK
within 8 hours.

We work with farms of all sizes to provide humane on-farm depopulation services. We act swiftly and with complete confidence to protect your reputation and livelihood. The Livetec team also takes on all responsibility for regulations and compliance, allowing you to quickly return to business as usual.

Whatever challenge you’re facing right now, Livetec has a compliant, science-led solution to get you back up and running as soon as possible.

Managing every step of a complete solution for non-notifiable and notifiable disease.

We take the same approach to disease recovery for both non-notifiable and notifiable outbreaks: management of every step from rigorous initial planning through to bird capture/biosecure disposal to a deep cleanse and disinfect.

With notifiable disease, we are subcontracted directly by the government who will take control of the farm. We work cooperatively and in collaboration with the proprietor or farmer throughout the process to ensure we provide complete transparency, clear guidance and empathetic support during this difficult time.

Legislation can be complicated and confusing to put into action. The Livetec operations team has a deep understanding of all regulations and will ensure compliance on your behalf, removing the burden of regulation to help you resume operations as quickly as possible.

Once the owner of the birds have notified APHA, we will liaise directly with APHA and other agencies to relieve one of the major stresses of on-farm depopulation.

As recognised experts in disease control, Livetec has been heavily involved in advising on Government legislation and best practice. This, coupled with our deep scientific understanding, makes us the ideal communications conduit between legislation and compliance, guaranteeing farmers and businesses are kept fully up to date with industry protocols.

Our Products

Utilising our product suite and adapting it to the needs of the situation, our operations team organise, mobilise and complete the depopulation discreetly with the minimum of fuss, leaving the farm cleaner and more biosecure.

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Containerised Gassing Units (CGUs)

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Smart Oxygen Meter (SOM)

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Whole-House Gassing (WHG)

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 I thought you and your team handled a difficult situation with a high degree of professionalism and sensitivity through-out.”