Livetec’s On-Farm Products

At Livetec, we have designed an innovative range of mobile stunning and culling devices that help farms to successfully bring operations in-house and reduce reliance on third party processors.

We are constantly developing our products to enhance the services we offer and help our clients lower costs, allowing us to effectively deliver the essential despatching of poultry and significantly reduce disruption to your business.


Industry leading on-farm solutions

Uphold the highest standards of welfare


We know humane methods of animal slaughter and the high animal welfare is a top priority for farmers, which is why nearly all of our solutions allow you to uphold the highest standards of welfare whilst despatching your poultry, from broiler hens to layers, turkeys to ducks and geese to quail.



Innovative solutions, delivered at any scale 


Our dedicated team of experts have years of experience delivering humane culling of livestock, which have enabled us to create a scalable range of compliant on-farm solutions, that can be tailored to your requirement, no matter the size.


Delivering compliant solutions on your farm 


We can also manage the entire process of despatching on your behalf, effectively managing essential welfare culls or depopulation services should a non-notifiable disease outbreak occur on your farm, so you can focus on your wider business needs.


Livetec have a range of compliant solutions to help support your farm

The Livetec NEX®


Compliant with WATOK regulations and the Red Tractor Assurance Scheme, the award-winning Livetec NEX is an easy to use, hand-held device for depletion in commercial poultry, game birds and backyard flocks.

Launched in 2019, this innovative product was designed by Livetec following extensive scientific development and has been proven as a humane and more consistent culling method than manual dislocation.

The NEX guarantees a humane, quick and consistent dislocation, avoiding any unnecessary suffering that other tools may cause, giving farmers both peace of mind as well as in-house capability for despatching individual birds up to 5kg on-farm, without a limit on numbers.


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Containerised Gassing Unit’s (CGUs)


In compliance with methods described in Annex 1 of European Regulation (EU 1099/2009), our CGU systems ensure that depopulation on-farm is carried out in the most humane way possible, used alongside Livetec’s Smart Oxygen Meter (SOM). The implementation time is significantly reduced with this method, reducing the stress levels of poultry and its operators.


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Smart Oxygen Meter (SOM)


Designed by Livetec our SOM allows for easy integration with any gassing unit, including Livetec’s CGUs to provide operators with reassurance that regulation requirements are met when using gas for despatching. This ensures the key parameters are being met whilst maintaining the highest levels of animal welfare.


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CO2 Whole-House Gassing (WHG)


Outbreaks of diseases like Highly-Pathogenic Avian Influenza (HPAI) are not only incredibly contagious, they are also highly expensive, and can be damaging to both your reputation and your business.

CO2 WHG is the most non-invasive and humane solution for large-scale depopulation of poultry, helping to protect your business in the event of a disease outbreak allowing you to effectively return your operations to normal.


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Nitrogen Foam Delivery System (NFDS)


Livetec has developed the NFDS as a patented on-farm method of depopulation for pigs (poultry in testing phase), its flexible design allows for rapid deployment and reduces the need to seal sheds, speeding up the process should you encounter a disease outbreak.

The NFDS requires minimal handling, minimising the distress to your pigs, adhering to the highest standards of animal welfare, whilst simultaneously reducing the stress on handlers.


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