Non-notifiable disease outbreak in Angus

On the 5th August 2021, the Livetec team was called to a farm in Angus, to manage the depletion of 60,000 infected broiler chickens.

In order to prevent any further spread of the infection sweeping through the farm’s sheds and resident poultry, the Livetec Operations team identified emergency depopulation as the best course of action.

Livetec are synonymous in the delivery of emergency depopulation, always using the most humane method possible. The Operations team completed the necessary depletion of the infected birds within two days, followed by deep cleansing and disinfection of all the affected areas. The team swiftly followed this with an intense deep clean and disinfection of all of the affected zones. This allowed the farmer to rotate in a new flock, minimising disruption to their operation, allowing them to quickly return to the day-to-day running of the business.

Often, unfortunate situations like this can be avoided by ensuring a robust disease biosecurity plan is in place, but it does not end there. The plan’s measures have to be adhered to and the protocols must be followed by all farm workers, delivery personnel and other visitors. Livetec can provide you with a bespoke biosecurity plan, containing all of the necessary systems that allow you to meet compliance and welfare standards, whilst greatly reducing the risk of a disease outbreak occurring.

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