Livetec August visit to Norfolk for outbreak

In August 2021 Livetec was called to a farm in Norfolk, to make an assessment of the health of the poultry population. Upon arrival they quickly found that the infection had spread its way through over 45,000 turkeys. 

The Livetec team used their years of scientifically backed expertise and knowledge to agree upon the best course of action, putting the welfare of the animals and the farmer first. Beginning work on the 9th August 2021, the team worked to depopulate the infected turkey’s and carried out an intense deep clean and sanitisation of the farm, to stop any further spread of the disease. 

With the deep clean and disinfection completed the farmer could get to work on resuming the normal farming activities, proving to the APHA that the necessary procedures had been followed.

It is a farmers waking nightmare to find themselves looking at an emergency depopulation situation. Reducing the risk of this happening has to be a key part of a farm’s business plan. Livetec are the leading experts in delivering disease biosecurity and contingency plans to reduce your risk of operational disruption, loss of revenue and reputational damage.

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