Our Technical Services


A number of threats exist within the agricultural industry that can impact your livelihood and reputation.

Our technical services team provide expert guidance to help navigate your business through any uncertainty by implementing effective biosecurity strategies that mitigate the risk of disease entering your farm.

Your reputation, livelihood and livestock are our priority.

Bespoke biosecurity services

Livetec offers expert on-site operational biosecurity advice for your business, including bespoke mapping services, personalised outbreak simulations, new-build structural biosecurity consultancy for potential development on your premises, pre-audit checks to ensure your farm meets the necessary assurance scheme standards as well as professional document writing for cleansing and disinfectant SOWs, policies and company declarations.


  • On-site biosecurity consultation & advice (farm visit only)
  • Mapping services 
  • Cleaning and disinfectant schedule of work writing
  • New-build structural biosecurity consultancy
  • Disease outbreak exercise
  • Assurance scheme pre-audit biosecurity check
  • Company policies and declarations


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5 year contingency planning package

Our decades of biosecurity experience have given us the expertise to deliver a five-year contingency planning service, tailored to your farm business, that provides you with a clear roadmap of what to do should you face an outbreak, minimising delays, downtime and stress to both you and your animals whilst elevating structural and operational biosecurity protocols that help mitigate the risk of disease on farm. Our plans are aligned with both the APHA disease outbreak measures and Defra disease protocols to keep you compliant at all times.


  • Risk assessment
  • Biosecurity plan
  • Infected premises response plan (x2)
  • Cleansing and disinfection plan
  • National outbreak plan


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Biosecurity services for insurance purposes

Your dedicated Livetec client manager will conduct a telephone consultation to establish whether a desk-based risk assessment is required. This discussion will be informative and explorative to give us a full understanding of your current biosecurity measures and protocols.

Should an on-site risk assessment be required, our experts will use the findings from our visit to provide you with a detailed report, outlining any current biosecurity threats, highlighting any structural or operational biosecurity vulnerabilities. Additionally, we build bespoke biosecurity maps to outline control points, ancillary, and the rest of the farm area.


  • Standalone risk assessment; visit & documentation
  • Desk-based risk assessment; telephone consultation


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Enterprise level biosecurity solutions


We have been helping to build the future of structural and operational biosecurity since 2010.

For more than a decade, we have collaborated with farming SMEs, large Integrators and Industry to help them overcome a diverse range of challenges, from biosecurity solutions for small backyard flocks to large-scale commercial farming enterprises.

We have also partnered with leading academic institutions as well as governing bodies like APHA, Defra, BPC and the NFU alongside leading academic institutions and corporations to further scientific research into higher animal welfare and biosecurity that enables us to deliver enterprise-level biosecurity solutions, tailored to any scale.


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From the first site-visit, to the follow-up calls and the delivery of our detailed plans, I have been extremely impressed with the expert team at Livetec. Their advice on current regulation and what to do if AI were to hit our farms have been straightforward yet simple to follow, and very effective. Our partnership has been worth every penny.”