About Livetec

Livetec is the leading provider of livestock protection – the go-to partner for all biosecurity issues across the industry.

Our experience in farming, high animal welfare, research and development, legislation and policy enables us to provide comprehensive support services for our clients. We are specialists in applying scientific research to day-to-day practises in these areas, working with all parts of the livestock community to protect the welfare of both animals and farmers.

Our Mission


Our mission is to build, develop, and maintain exceptional working relationships with the UK’s leading agricultural organisations to transform the existing farming sector and create a more resilient industry.

We ensure that farmers aren’t just building their processes around the need to implement emergency reactive measures, but are actively working to boost resilience and minimise risk.

We believe that the key to transforming the farming sector is through bringing best practise behaviours and proactive approaches to the forefront of day-to-day operations.

The Challenge


The UK farming sector is approaching its most significant period of change yet.

With the agricultural landscape evolving at a very rapid pace, farmers must continually adapt, which can be tough. That is why we are dedicated to helping farmers navigate change, whilst remaining compliant, protecting their livestock and livelihood.

We Care

Protecting the welfare of both animals and farmers with sustainability at our core

We Are Professional

Always professional, reliable and approachable with scientifically backed expertise

We Deliver Solutions

A true partner; bringing added value in everything we do

Our vision

To witness huge strides forward in agricultural innovation, create more sustainable food systems, and improve land management, disease prevention and animal welfare.

To see improved access to essential services that ensure farmers have access to the support they need to effectively reduce risk and protect their livelihoods.

To live in a world driven by partnerships, working towards the same goal, leveraging the power of collective, collaborative action to build the future of livestock protection.

Ultimately, we want to know that we’ve played our part in creating happier, healthier, and more sustainable environments for the livestock and the farmers who nourish our nation.

We’ve built Livetec on a foundation of:

Scientifically-backed knowledge


Across services and products that shapes all areas of our design and innovation. We remain up-to-date with the latest scientific research and industry developments to ensure our offerings are always bringing the most value.

Research-based processes and protocols


Deeply rooted in real UK agricultural history and use forensic analysis to learn from the past to improve in the future. We operate in ways that are proven to generate a positive impact.

Farmer wellbeing


We turn the tables and shift the focus from productivity to worker confidence, starting at the primary driver of positive change: YOU. We believe that supporting individual farmers is key to wider industry transformation.

Protection of healthy livestock


While emergency depopulation is usually the focus during an infectious event, we work with farmers to build proactive strategies that not only address the outbreak but actively reduce the devastation to you and your business.

Partnerships and relationship building


Working with industry professionals that facilitate the communication and collaboration needed to empower us to innovate at speed and remain at the very forefront of the rapidly changing agricultural industry.

Sustainability and responsible actions


Support the transition from traditional on-farm processes to more environmentally-considerate procedures that can play a significant role in reducing the impact of existing practices and assist in the move towards carbon neutral production.

Reliability, friendliness and professionalism


Ensuring all situations are approached with care and understanding. We don’t focus our efforts on where you’ve been; we drive our energy into helping you get where you need to be.

An understanding of the wider issues


By implementing farm-level change through our knowledge and expertise, we’re sparking a broader transformation that extends the impact of our products and services far beyond the individual farm.

Using the most up-to-date scientific data


Helping mitigate risk, prevent disease and protect commercial viability. We actively drive progress by undertaking scientific R&D projects in partnership with industry leaders and academic experts.

What makes Livetec different?

Involvement in all UK poultry notifiable disease outbreaks for two decades.

Scientifically validated, higher animal welfare and humane depopulation techniques.

Innovative five-year contingency planning service to meet all your structural and operational biosecurity needs.

Wrap around service to protect livestock and livelihoods by mitigating the risk of disease and ensuring commercial viability.

Farm level contingency planning for preventing and managing outbreaks.

Background in scientific & academic research spanning 25+ years.

Fully accredited contingency management service to support your farming operations in the event of a crisis.

Partnering with Livetec ensures you meet farm assurance scheme standards and comply with the latest government legislation.

We deliver enterprise-level biosecurity solutions, tailored to any scale.

Some of the renowned organisations we work with include:

The BPC has worked with Livetec for six years and highly values their rapid and reliable service. Livetec provides our member businesses and their farmers with the most efficient service during the worst of times. With efficiency and empathy, Livetec effectively responds to emergency situations as soon as possible. Their role is of the utmost importance as the British poultry industry continues to work with Government to improve standards and animal welfare and reduce the threat of exotic disease incursion. Industry, Government and Livetec all work together to mitigate the risk of disaster and keep the food supply chain going.”

British Poultry Council