Livetec: More than just a depopulation service

Livetec Systems: More Than Just a Depopulation Service

For over a decade, Livetec has been the name associated with professional, trustworthy depopulation and culling services for notifiable diseases and welfare concerns. We’re proud to support the UK’s poultry industry through challenging times. However, there’s much more to our expertise. We’re building the future of biosecurity with science-led solutions, industry collaboration and on-farm knowledge.  

In the Beginning

Livetec Systems was established in 2010 to help APHA and UK poultry farmers respond efficiently and effectively to notifiable disease outbreaks. We are a trusted organisation built with science from the ground up. We are recognised by DEFRA and the British Poultry Council as leading experts in the industry. We have an ongoing contract with the BPC and maintain our place on the DEFRA framework.

Since launch, we’ve provided our services to farms facing some of the most troubling and devastating challenges, from disease outbreaks and natural disasters to COVID-related supply chain collapses and plane crashes on farmland. Experiencing such a diverse set of scenarios provides us with a wealth of knowledge, enabling and empowering us to expand our services. Our experts on the ground deploy that first-hand experience to better prepare farms for crises, with robust processes and procedures designed to protect livestock and safeguard livelihoods.

Livetec Today 

By taking what we’ve learnt and transforming our knowledge into practical and actionable advice, we’ve been able to grow our service offerings. Comprehensive, trusted and collaborative support to UK farmers and agricultural organisations includes access to vital advice and guidance to significantly reduce the risk of infectious disease spread on farms. 

Today, alongside our depopulation services, we also offer risk mitigation, livestock protection, and business continuity solutions:

  • Disease Biosecurity & Contingency planning
  • Bespoke Biosecurity
  • Consultancy Services
  • Insurance & Assurance
  • Research & Development

We created the Livetec Technical Services department to provide industry-leading advice on best practice to prevent the spread of disease while simultaneously building resilience in the event of an outbreak, either as an Infected Premises or as a non-infected farm located within an infection zone.  

Services like these are becoming increasingly vital following severe outbreaks of Avian Influenza and Salmonella. Recent events have caused insurance underwriters to reconsider risk and look at written biosecurity and contingency plans with a much more critical eye. Having spoken to several specialist insurers, we’ve found that several are prepared to offer a discount to those with robust Livetec disease biosecurity contingency plans. 

Our in-house research and development department works closely with academics at the University of Edinburgh, University of Glasgow, and the SRUC to improve and build upon existing engineering and humane slaughter systems. 

Our Nitrogen Foam System is currently undergoing trials in the USA in partnership with the National Pork Board and the Minnesota Agricultural Department. In addition, the Livetec Nex neck dislocation device is in use across the UK and is being trialled by some of the world’s largest poultry producers.

How We Do It

We are often asked how we’ve successfully diversified and transitioned from a depopulation service to a respected voice in biosecurity.

We answer that we prioritise four aspects to deliver a reliable, trusted service:


We ensure that our team is well prepared and has the confidence to effectively and efficiently handle any situation. We train our experts in breathing apparatus and working in confined spaces to ensure high performance in even the most challenging of conditions. We prepare for all eventualities with strategic planning. We have additionally built an extensive network of respected third party suppliers to support us as needed.

The Human Touch 

While we value the benefits of technology in biosecurity, we understand that tech is no match for the human touch. Crisis situations can be devastating, not only to business operations but to the wellbeing of farmers and their teams. So we build the human element into every service and are committed to providing empathetic support to farmers as they face the difficulties and challenges that come with any disease outbreak. 

Strong Alliances

We continue to work closely with both DEFRA and the APHA to ensure that we’re always at the forefront of legislation changes. As a result, we can quickly adapt to the latest guidelines and implement necessary changes across our clients’ premises. Sharing relevant, up-to-date, and concise information to our clients is just one of the ways that we’re working to protect livelihoods today and in the future.


We’re continually exploring ways to improve. Building the future of biosecurity means developing and embracing forward-thinking technologies to protect livestock and livelihoods. As innovators, we value innovation in others. We work closely with the best academic and research institutes across the country, meaning we’re able to take a scientific approach to service expansion and grow our organisation in a direction that actively helps our clients build resilience. 

Protecting the Future of Farming

Depopulation is where Livetec Systems started, and it remains a critical element of our organisation today. But it’s not the end of our story. Having seen the devastating impact that disease can bring – not only to businesses and livestock but to the health and wellbeing of farmers and their staff – we’re protecting the future of farming with proactive services that minimise the risk of an outbreak.

We’re developing and growing in a way that ensures our clients are fully secure, informed, prepared, and ready to handle whatever biosecurity concern comes their way. At Livetec Systems, we’re always just a phone call away, armed with highly professional, actionable advice, support and guidance. 

Get in touch to speak with our team today.

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