Livetec called to Norfolk for E. coli outbreak

In August 2021 Livetec were called to a farm in Norfolk as it was confirmed that E. coli was spreading through a large number of the broiler chickens resident on site. 

The Livetec team arrived on 22nd August 2021 and immediately conducted a thorough analysis of the situation. Using scientific expertise and years of experience, the Livetec Operations team were able to choose a method of emergency on-farm depopulation that was the most efficient and met the highest welfare standards.

A particularly challenging case due to the size of the site and the number of poultry infected, the team worked diligently over the course of ten days. Within this time, the emergency depopulation was conducted across numerous sheds on the farm, stopping the disease from spreading any further. In order to prevent future breakouts, the farm was thoroughly cleansed and sanitised so the process of resuming normal operations could begin.

Biosecurity is the best way to prevent disease introduction and spread on any premises. Our Livetec experts act as a partner to farms, curating bespoke disease biosecurity and contingency plans that can significantly mitigate and reduce the risk of such an event happening on your farm.

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