Disease outbreak reported on farm in Angus

On the 29th September 2021 the Livetec Operations team were called to a farm based in Angus, a county in Scotland. Following extensive tests, it was confirmed that an infection had started sweeping through over 58,000 broiler chickens resident on-site.

Prior to Livetec’s arrival, it was decided that emergency depopulation was the only suitable method for stopping the outbreak and so, their presence was requested to help eradicate any further implications.

Over the course of three days the Livetec Operations team worked efficiently using the carefully chosen method of on-farm depopulation. Throughout, the highest level of care was maintained, following our welfare and ethics guidelines to minimise distress for both the poultry and the staff. Upon completion the affected zones were cleansed and disinfected, to stop any further spread and the chance of an outbreak recurrence.

Livetec provides an efficient and effective service for dealing with disease outbreaks on farms, and for disease prevention. Using years of experience and our technical services, the Livetec team can work with farmers to reduce the risk of disease outbreak.

Our bespoke biosecurity strategies identify holes in the biosecurity practises present, improving them and performing testing with real-time outbreak exercises.

To find out how the Livetec team can help you protect your farm contact us today.

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