Recognition for Contingency Planning Client Work at the BFA

The whole Livetec team is delighted to have been nominated to receive the Contractor Innovator of the Year award at this year’s British Farming Awards. These awards are a highlight of the agricultural calendar, rewarding organisations like Livetec along with farmers and producers for their work, innovation and commitment to sustainability throughout the year. 

We’re particularly proud that this nomination comes in recognition of contingency planning work with Livetec clients over the often difficult last 12 months. As a company which has been committed to building the future of biosecurity since day one, we make it our mission to be one step ahead of emerging diseases and potential threats to the farming industry. 

Our ongoing work with academic researchers and industry organisations such as DEFRA, APHA and NFU means we are especially well placed to track disease incursions, while our biosecurity planning and process management expertise means we’re able to translate this into actionable, tailored advice for clients. 

Of note this year is our work during the seasonal Avian Flu outbreaks. Livetec was able to ensure that our disease biosecurity and contingency plan clients were able to avoid disease incursions and safeguard their operations due to our continual updates, disease tracking, data briefings and expert advice relating to local prevention zones. 

We also provided models of potential outbreak areas as part of our contingency planning solutions, meaning Livetec clients were able to stay one-step ahead of AI. 

It is especially gratifying to the whole Livetec team that our efforts to help farmers increase their biosecurity, react with agility to encroaching disease and deploy stringent biosecurity measures in real time has received recognition in the form of our British Farming Awards nomination. 

We’ll be attending the awards ceremony on 21st October and look forward  to updating you on the evening’s events. 

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