Delivering workshops and training

Livetec has contributed our expertise on welfare at the time of slaughter, disease and biosecurity to a variety of training exercises and workshops.


We pride ourselves on the ability to provide advice to any organisation that may require our skillset. Emergency

Emergency Slaughter of Poultry on Farm


To operate equipment, such as our Containerised Gassing Units, in the UK you must hold a Welfare at the Time of Killing (WATOK) licence. In order to achieve that licence via assessment by APHA, Livetec can offer practical and technical training around the slaughter of poultry by exposure to gas.

We lead sessions on the development and use of Containerised Gassing Units, Whole-House Gassing with inert gases as well as our Nitrogen Foam Delivery System, emergency on-farm culling.

Real-time Outbreak Exercises at a Local Level


Having a plan is only the first stage, testing that plan against a simulated outbreak will highlight areas where improvements can be made. We have developed a real-time response exercise simulating a disease outbreak on a farm within your business.

This will not only test the initial response on the farm, but also the resilience of other business areas to continue operating effectively within the restrictions that will be imposed by the veterinary authorities.


Disease Control Strategies for Developing Countries


The “STOP AI Campaign” was a USA funded project that delivered practical training for international, developing countries. Launched in Senegal, the project offered exercises and advice to countries struggling to cope with outbreaks of avian influenza. Livetec’s founder Julian Sparrey, specifically provided technical content to the program.

Roadshows and Conferences


We have been invited to various events all over the world, including the Poultry Health and Welfare Group’s AI Roadshow events, organised by the NFU, to deliver information on cleaning and disinfection and contingency planning to poultry farmers and businesses.

We were also invited to the BFREPA Conference where Livetec were asked to deliver a talk on the ‘Final Cleansing and Disinfection Contingency Planning Workbook’, which we developed for the association and more specifically an insight into the key legislative requirements of secondary and final cleansing and disinfection, contingency planning and avian flu culling operations on-farm.

The Livetec NEX® Training Materials

The welfare of animals, particularly poultry, is at the heart of everything that Livetec Systems does. This includes our latest product the Livetec NEX®.
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