Salmonella T outbreak in North Yorkshire

Livetec was contacted in August 2021 after receiving confirmation that Salmonella T was sweeping its way through 15,000 broiler chickens on a farm in North Yorkshire. 

The Livetec Operations team quickly mobilised upon notification, and arrived at the farm on the 14th August in order to minimise the potential impact of the infection and prevent any further spread. An investigation from Livetec efficiently identified the best on-farm solution for emergency depopulation and, within a day, was able to complete the necessary measures.

The welfare of the animals and the farmers is considered in every sensitive situation, such as this one, and so the highest standards were adhered to throughout the entire process. A full cleansing and sanitisation procedure followed the depopulation, to eradicate any potential for further spread.

The Livetec team pride themselves on protecting livestock welfare and in providing support and clear guidance to farmers. Livetec acts as a partner, ensuring that all of the essential biosecurity measures are in place to reduce the risk of infection on your farm. Ensuring famers operational integrity, financial security, reputation and mental well-being are a key aspect of Livetecs mission and technical services.

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