Salmonella Infantis outbreak in Herefordshire

The Livetec Operations team quickly mobilised to a farm in Herefordshire on the 31st August 2021 due to the confirmation of a disease outbreak. Testing had confirmed the presence of Salmonella Infantis on the farm, which had infected over 100,000 broiler chickens. 

Over a four day period, the Livetec team completed the emergency depletion across all of the affected sheds. Throughout the entire process, Livetec ensured that all practises were carried out as fairly, humanely and ethically as possible, for both the animals and the farmer.

Due to the size of this case, there was an increased level of complexity and sensitivity that had to be applied. 

Disease outbreak is not an inevitable aspect of farming, it is something that can be avoided. It is thought that with a Livetec disease biosecurity and contingency plan in place, and the subsequent measures and protocols to follow, this risk of a disease outbreak could have been significantly reduced. Ensuring the safety and welfare of your animals, people and livelihood should be built into your future business strategy.

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