Biosecurity Spotlight: Stopping the Spread of AI

This year has seen the worst AI outbreak on record rapidly sweep its way through the UK, but what is AI and why is it impacting so many premises? In our Biosecurity Spotlight: Stopping the Spread of AI, we break down AI and how a lack of, or even small gaps in your biosecurity processes can encourage the introduction of disease.


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AI is a recurring threat to bird owners

With an unprecedented number of AI cases during the 2021 to 2022 season, beating last year’s previous record-high number of outbreaks, it has never been more paramount for farmers and farm workers to become educated on how to stop the spread of AI.

Our Biosecurity Spotlight goes into detail on key aspects of AI, like:

  • What AI is
  • How to detect it
  • How it is spread
  • How to act quickly

Understanding industry action

Our spotlight also acts as a helpful guide on how to mitigate the risk of disease incursion, and how the industry has been and continues to respond to outbreaks. This insightful spotlight covers educates readers on some key responses to AI, including:

  • APHA and Defra’s response
  • What happens when AI is suspected on a premises
  • The implications of an outbreak
  • How to protect your flock
  • How Livetec help flock owners


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Mitigating the risk of an outbreak

The risks of an outbreak on farms can be reduced. Download our Biosecurity Spotlight to uncover how you can actively begin safeguarding your flock, business and reputation with Livetec. We have been involved in both notifiable and non-notifiable disease outbreaks across the UK for over a decade and have developed solutions to help the agriculture industry prevent disease outbreaks.

In our Spotlight, we highlight the importance of tailored solutions such as…

  • Bespoke biosecurity services
  • Contingency planning
  • Emergency on-farm operations

It also gives advice on what you can do to protect your livestock, business operations, commercial viability, reputation and mental health.