UK non-notifiable disease cases: 2020 to 2021

The agricultural industry is constantly being faced with challenges, like disease outbreaks. This report takes a closer look at a range of non-notifiable disease outbreaks across the UK over a two-year period.


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Non-notifiable diseases are a constant threat to farming

Outbreaks are not a new concept for farmers as non-notifiable diseases like salmonella, E.coli, histomoniasis and some strains of avian influenza are repeatedly found present on farms across the UK year-round. These outbreaks cause widespread disruption to farms, business and the economy.

Reflecting on a total of 19 cases, the welfare timeline closely examines the cases Livetec assisted with covering crucial details like the location, the disease present and the rough numbers of the poultry involved.

Starting with the first case in Killycloghan on the 10 January 2020, right through to the Autumn of 2021, this timeline highlights the fact that seasonal infections are not the only diseases that farmers have to be vigilant against. To find out more about these cases, download Livetec’s Welfare Timeline: Disease Outbreak Across the UK HERE.

Livetec Systems wants to stop disease outbreaks before they happen

Although, in these instances Livetec was contacted to help with emergency depopulation, we are actively partnering with farming businesses and major integrators across the agricultural industry to prevent them from happening.

Disease outbreaks are not an inevitable aspect of farming, and the risks of one occurring on your farm can be mitigated. By partnering with Livetec, you avoid the devastating blow to your farming businesses operations, finances and reputation. At Livetec, we provide bespoke biosecurity strategies and 5-year contingency plans to reduce the risk of an outbreak, safeguard your business and protect the welfare of your animals.

We are disease prevention and control experts, with over a decade’s worth of experience in the industry, offering end-to-end support all year round.