Biosecurity is essential for managing your farm

Biosecurity is a farms best defence against disease outbreak and is an essential component of owning poultry. In our 8 steps we highlight the importance of enforcing biosecurity measures, which can be the difference between an outbreak on-farm and outbreak prevention.


Outlining the essential steps to a biosecure farm

For farms across the UK, the risk of poultry exposure to bird flu remains high for premises with poor biosecurity and low on premises with stringent biosecurity protocols in place.

As experts with years of experience in both notifiable and non-notifiable disease outbreaks and an abundance of research, the Livetec team has built this infographic to help prevent further disease outbreaks.

Partner with Livetec

The idea of implementing stringent biosecurity protocols can be overwhelming, which is where Livetec can help. We have applied years of experience coupled with scientifically-backed research to create our range of bespoke services to help build biosecure farms, including:

  • 5-year contingency planning
  • Bespoke biosecurity services
  • Emergency on-farm operations
  • Enterprise level biosecurity services

Download our 8 Steps to a Biosecure Farm Infographic to build effective biosecurity measures on your farm.