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Poultry and game birds may have to be killed on farm, at a shoot or in your back yard for many reasons. Whether they are sick, injured, for the welfare management of your flock or at the end of their natural, productive life, it must be done with care and confidence in order to prevent unnecessary suffering to the bird.

The Livetec NEX® is a mechanical device to assist in the neck dislocation of poultry, game and waterfowl. It can be used on birds up to a weight of 5kg and there is no limit on the number of birds that can be despatched per day.

When used according to the the instructions included in the box, it is a mechanical method of cervical dislocation, compliant with the European Directive on the Protection of Animals at the time of killing (EU 1099/2009) and the UK regulations on the Welfare of Animals at the Time of Killing (England & Wales 2015, Scotland 2012).


Key Features


The Livetec NEX® was awarded The Best New Product by judges at the 2020 Poultry Business Awards and Pig & Poultry Fair.

This was in recognition of it fulfilling an on-farm welfare need and was the result of a collaboration between industry and academia.

The judges also liked the innovation of a genuinely new and groundbreaking product while noting its affordability for every size of business.

  • Poultry Business New Product
  • Award WINNER
  • WATOK regulations compliant
  • Red Tractor compliant
  • EU 1099/2009 compliant
  • Up to 5kg of birds allowed per day (only 3kg allowed manually)
  • No restriction on culls per person per day (only 70 permitted manually)
  • Hand held, comfortable ergonomic design
  • Built on 3 years of academic scientific research
  • Refined through 2 years of R&D
  • Ensures compliance
  • Humane Slaughter Association (HSA) supported
  • Used worldwide

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