Outbreak of salmonella in Norfolk reported

On the 3rd July 2021, the Livetec team attended a turkey farm in Norfolk in response to a confirmed case of salmonella that had infected the farm’s population of turkeys. 

Arriving at the farm in the morning, the Livetec team appraised the impact of the infection on the farm’s population of over 42,000 turkeys. The need for an emergency depopulation was immediately decided to stop the potential spread to the surrounding area and other livestock. Within a few hours the Livetec team had their equipment set up ready to begin the despatch of the infected birds. The next day the cull was carried out efficiently and effectively by the Livetec team. 

At many farms Livetec visits the team often note that poor biosecurity protocols are in place and are quite often neglected in the day-to-day running of the farm. So often the team could envisage not having to attend in a depopulation capacity if a coherent disease biosecurity and contingency plan had been in place, which was adhered to.

Our team of experts provide bespoke biosecurity strategies and contingency plans to help mitigate the risk of a disease outbreak. Our technical team will conduct a comprehensive full site audit to produce a tailored plan to your farm to help reduce the risk of costly disruptions to your business operations and minimise financial impact.

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