The award-winning Livetec NEX®


The optimum, humane method of despatching individual birds on-farm.

Whether for commercial poultry production, if a bird becomes sick, injured or is at the end of its productive life or even for wider welfare management of your entire flock, it must be despatched with care and confidence to prevent unnecessary suffering.

The award-winning Livetec NEX® is a simple to use, hand-held depletion device, ensuring straight forward and reliable neck dislocation.
Launched in 2019, this innovative product was designed by Livetec following extensive scientific development and has been proven as a humane and more consistent culling method than manual dislocation.
The Livetec NEX® is fully WATOK and Red Tractor compliant and, as a mechanical device, allows individuals to dispatch up to 5kg of birds without a limit on numbers.
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The Nex uses a humane method of despatching individual birds on-farm

In-house depopulation capability


The NEX® gives farmers in-house depopulation capability for individual birds on-farm using existing resources, reducing the cost associated with off-farm depopulation services. Maximum welfare with minimum effort, the NEX® guarantees a humane, quick and consistent dislocation, avoiding the unnecessary suffering caused by many other tools.

When can you use neck dislocation?

Manual (by hand) – up to 3kg and only 70 birds per person per day
Mechanical (with a tool) – up to 5kg, no limit on numbers*

*Not to be used for mass depopulation when user fatigue becomes an issue

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How Livetec NEX® works

The grip

For standard poultry, place the NEX® between the index and middle finger of your preferred hand.
The grip differs slightly for ducks and larger birds, with the NEX® held between the thumb and index finger.
Designed to fit between the index and middle finger, the specially positioned ridge creates a hard fulcrum on which to position the neck. With the bird in place, the correct technique then requires less strength than manual dislocation, ensuring a WATOK compliant, consistent and humane kill.
Tested and approved, it is being used by leading industry experts and large poultry companies who prioritise high welfare standards.


Full training available

We have developed a range of training and education materials to help ensure the correct operation, compliance and consistency when using the NEX®.
We also offer in-house training sessions for your team led by our Livetec experts to help ensure wide-spread adoption across your farm.
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The NEX® can be used with multiple types of poultry:

The Livetec NEX® History

Launched in 2019, the innovative NEX® was designed by Livetec following extensive research and scientific development, trialling it for years from its initial prototype design to the revolutionary product available today.
The NEX® was developed with Dr Jessica Martin through a 3-year PhD at the University of Edinburgh, funded by the Humane Slaughter Association. Dr Martin’s PhD studied different methods of culling poultry and proposed a new handheld device designed to be quicker and more consistent than traditional manual cervical dislocation.
Livetec Systems developed this prototype over several years with the welfare of the bird a top priority. Following rigorous field tests and extensive user feedback, we have designed a simple to use, robust device that ensures neck dislocation will be consistent, compliant and humane.


Why use the Livetec NEX®?

  • Award-winning: Awarded Best New Product by judges at the 2020 Poultry Business Awards
  • Increases weight allowance: Up to 5kg of birds allowed (only 3kg allowed manually)
  • Increases throughput: No restriction on culls per person per day (only 70 permitted manually)
  • Easy to use: Hand held, comfortable ergonomic design
  • Scientifically backed: Built on 3 years of academic scientific research and refined through 2 years of intense product development
  • Improves welfare: Red Tractor Standards Assurance Scheme approved and supported by the Humane Slaughter Association (HSA)
  • Ensures compliance: Meets WATOK regulations and is EU 1099/2009 compliant

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