Containerised Gassing Units (CGUs)


Humane, scalable and compliant on-farm culling solutions.

Livetec’s Containerised Gassing Units (CGUs) are designed to humanely stun and kill batches of poultry by exposure to a carbon dioxide or argon gas mixture as permitted by legislation.

Our industry-leading, gas-based stunning systems provide a cost effective, scalable and rapid solution for high welfare onsite depletion or depopulation.
Designed to the highest welfare standards our range of CGUs keep your farm operating in compliance with EU 1099 / 2009 and UK WATOK 2015 legislation.
Manual CGU units should be used alongside Livetec’s Smart Oxygen Meter (SOM) to provide complete peace of mind that gas exposure regulations are being met on-farm and to ensure compliance.
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Containerised Gassing Units (CGUs)

Our standard range of CGU’s

Any of our CGUs can be upgraded to automated units by the addition of the PLC controlled LSAU20.


Mounted on the side of the unit, the system automatically controls the flow of gas and records all data during the process, making them user-friendly and easy to operate. The operator is only required to start and confirm the end of each cycle, additionally safeguarding their own wellbeing.

The control system has audio and visual alarms in addition to a fail-safe emergency stop function to ensure minimum livestock stress.

Birds are removed from their housing and placed in ventilated transport modules or crates, these are then placed into the chamber. The unit will then fill with a gas mixture that is released into the chamber, flushing out oxygen.

Micro CGU

THROUGHPUT: 250kg throughput per hour*
Quails, Turkeys , Breeder farms, Hatcheries, Research facilities, Pheasant rearing
* based on maximum bird weight, using one unit running 10 cycles per hour
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Mini CGU

THROUGHPUT: 2500kg throughput per hour*
Micro usage plus: End of lay birds, Small or speciality flocks, Seasonal on-farm processing.
* based on maximum bird weight, using one unit running 10 cycles per hour
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Standard CGU

THROUGHPUT: Between 9000 – 10,000kg throughput per hour
Micro & Mini usage plus: Poultry farms, breeder farms, layer farms, turkey farms, quail farms, game farms and laboratories.
Enterprise level solutions for larger commercial flocks. 
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Why use the Livetec CGU?

  • Swift on-farm emergency depopulation in the event of a notifiable disease outbreak, compliant with OIE guidelines.
  • Seasonal, scheduled stunning of flocks on-farm to maintain productivity.
  • On-farm capacity for small batch stunning.
  • Maintain scheduled depletion in the event of processing plant breakages or supply chain issues.
  • Planned welfare cull for end of lay hens, sick or injured birds and reduce overstocking.

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