Livetec to attend the Bedfordshire Young Farmers Rally

Our expert Livetec team will be attending the Bedfordshire Young Farmers Country Show and Rally on Saturday 21st May 2022.

Excited to introduce the younger generation to the industry, with emphasis on the importance of effective biosecurity practices, we will be sharing our wealth of knowledge and experience, discovered through years of on-farm operations as well as our extensive research, with leading government bodies and educational institutions.

We will also be sharing some exciting opportunities for those who work in, or are involved in the farming industry to help us deliver our range of services.

With bird flu still impacting farms across the UK and the looming threat of African Swine Fever, introducing the new generation to the industry and emphasising the importance of biosecurity has never been more important.

Come and say hello to our team on Saturday 21st May at the Farmers Country Show and Rally at Mortgrove Farm in Luton to find out more about Livetec and hear about our exciting new job opportunities!

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