The Livetec team attends the National Egg and Poultry Awards

The Livetec team enjoyed a wonderful evening in London last night at the National Egg and Poultry Awards.

The National Egg and Poultry Awards are an annual event backed by the British Egg Industry Council (BEIC) and the British Poultry Council (BPC). This year’s gathering was especially exciting for Livetec as we were shortlisted for the Trade Supplier of the Year title.

As you will likely already know from some of our previous posts, the 2021-22 avian influenza (AI) season has been the worst on record, with more outbreaks taking place much later in the year than we would typically expect. In addition, the UK’s poultry sector and egg producers are also facing a barrage of rising costs, so tonight was a very welcome opportunity to catch up with them and other industry professionals after a tough few months for the sector.

The whole Livetec team has enjoyed meeting farmers and producers and hearing about their achievements over the last 12 months. The awards ceremony has highlighted just how resilient and adaptable the poultry sector is and the organisers have done a great job of showcasing the talent, knowledge and expertise that exists in the egg and poultry sector today.

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