High-path AI outbreak on second Norfolk farm

In the same month, there was another suspected outbreak of HPAI H5N8 in Norfolk, prompting a call to the Livetec team. The premises in question was home to a wide range of mixed poultry, including chickens, ducks and geese making it a very challenging case. AI is a disease that affects poultry and so was rapidly spreading through the range of birds on the site. 

APHA were already present on the premises upon Livetec’s arrival and had imposed a restriction on movements on and off the farm. After a full valuation, the Livetec Operations team were able to begin the necessary measures to depopulate the premises, using the most appropriate on-farm method. The emergency measures were applied within 48 hours, to the highest standards of welfare and care. 

Despite being a particularly challenging case due to the range of poultry on site, the Operations team was able to adapt due to our bespoke emergency depopulation service.

To further stop the spread, the Livetec team supported the premises through the initial stage of cleansing and disinfection, applying all necessary measures, in preparation for the second stage as required by APHA.  

In this case, an investigation found that the infected poultry was able to freely mingle with wild birds such as ducks and geese, indicating a severe lack of biosecurity. Failings in this area identified direct or indirect contact with wild birds as the most likely source of the infection. 

Had the premises followed biosecurity protocols, it’s highly likely that the outbreak could have been prevented. With a bespoke Livetec biosecurity strategy, the premises could also have avoided the loss of both their birds and operations.

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