A second outbreak of histomoniasis in Lincolnshire blog post

Histomoniasis found on third farm in Lincolnshire

A few weeks later, Livetec were alerted to a third outbreak of histomoniasis (blackhead disease) on a farm in Lincolnshire. Being alerted on the 9th November 2020, it was determined that the non-notifiable disease was affecting the over 2,800 turkeys resident on-site.

Tests concluded that only half of one of the two sheds on-farm had been infected, and so to minimise the impact and isolate the disease, the infected birds were separated and subsequently depopulated. The Livetec Operations team used their on-farm operations and extensive knowledge to ensure that the process was carried out to the highest standards of welfare and care, for both the animals and staff.

The Livetec team pride themselves on protecting livestock welfare and in providing support and clear guidance to farmers. With Livetec as a partner you can be sure that the correct and necessary biosecurity measures will be in place to reduce the risk of infection on your farm. Ensuring famer’s operational integrity, financial security, reputation and mental well-being are core to Livetec’s business ethos.

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