Livetec and BFREPA launch new biosecurity service

Livetec Systems are excited to launch the new British Free Range Egg Producers Association (BFREPA) Biosecurity Advice & Support Service. This package will help to support farmers across the UK to safeguard the welfare of their hens, businesses and reduce the risk of disease.

BFREPA has been actively working to improve the free range egg sector for over 30 years, representing free range producers such as the NFU Poultry Board at Government level. They have played a key role in the UK egg industry, influencing legislation, shaping policies and fighting for a fair deal for its members. They have a number of founding principles that very much align with Livetec’s, including sustainability and the protection of healthy livestock.

BFREPA CEO Robert Gooch said: “No farm wants to suffer from an outbreak of avian influenza or salmonella – the emotional and financial impact can be crippling.

This new service, which is automatically included as part of BFREPA’s membership, means a team of experts can help farmers focus on preventing disease entering their farm, while also being there for them should the worst happen.

As an industry, we have to protect ourselves as best we can from these damaging diseases, so this service should be of use to every free range egg farm.”

David Clegg, Business Development Manager, Livetec Systems said “I am delighted to announce that Livetec has partnered with BFREPA to launch our Biosecurity Advice & Support Service, joining our two influential companies in the industry. This service will allow us to support BFREPA members across the UK through a range of services, combining our years of scientifically-backed knowledge, expertise and experience within the field.”

Building the future of poultry protection

Our partnership tackles fundamental components, aimed at building the future of poultry protection across farms in the UK. The package is built on three fundamental components, offering members Advisory Support Services, Contingency Planning and Support, and Depopulation Services, should the worst happen.

Building a contingency plan can significantly lower the risks of your farm suffering outbreaks of infections or diseases like Salmonella, E. coli and Avian Influenza. Any of these can and will bring your farm to a complete standstill. BFREPA and Livetec want to stop that from happening.

BFREPA members get access to exclusive Livetec discounts

With this partnership, BFREPA members also have access to discounts on a range of Livetec’s industry leading poultry protection, disease outbreak prevention and biosecurity services.

Livetec has a team on standby offering BFREPA members with up to 2 hours of free telephone support. Our team can help you to complete contingency planning workbooks, provide biosecurity advice, give guidance through the new Lion Code 8 and support you should you be caught in protection or surveillance zones.

BFREPA members will get 10% off full Biosecurity and Contingency Planning products, as well as discounts on consultancy services, stress test, pre-audit checks on current biosecurity plans and outbreak exercises.

Should the worst happen, and your farm desperately needs an emergency depopulation service, Livetec can do this at a discounted rate for BFREPA members. In addition, Livetec provides a 24 hour guarantee for a team to be on site after call off, and will organise the third party disposal.

To find out how the Livetec team can help you protect your farm contact us today.

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